About Yoshikazu Naganuma

Yoshikazu Naganuma practises in the Akebonobashi in Shinjyuku area.
He also gives treatments on-site at company office in order to minimise work-related stress.


I am very interested in bodywork and relaxation in the treatment of illness. I have over 25 years experience bodywork.
When people face stressful situation or get sick,the muscles and the skin get tense or slacken which may affect even the functions of the internal organs.


The hand casting method which is represented by "massage" and "shiatsu" relax the tense or slacken body and it will develop self-healing ability by controling the defects in the body.
Through the inter-reaction of our body parts,we can understand what our bodies are trying to tell us.
When we loosen the senses of our numbed body ,we can recognize that our bodies were sending signs for help.